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Outcomes Measurement

Measurement of "Health Related Quality of Life" (HRQoL) provides early insight for what functions in health care and what does not function.

Dr. Piribauer as Epidemiologist and Pychotherapist works since years in the measurment of health care related outcomes.

Ranging from hard facts, like mortality over ecnonmic outcomes to the fine and early subjective measurement of health status, he has done quite a lot on international and Austrian data.


HRQoL needs refinement of instruments (linguistic adaptations of questionaires) to measure comparable, precise and valid. 



 Projekt Schutzhaus - Umkleidung mit Eisenbildern und Blitz-Text von Bodo Hell



PiCo UB most well-kwown international customer  is MAPI-Insitute Lyon. The Research Institute is specialised in the validation of Quality of Life instruments all over the world since two decades.


PiCo has applied the MOS SF-36, actually the subset SF-12 for the first time in Austria on a representative large sample of the local population (1999). Such a sampling has not been repeated yet. Thus he holds the knowledge of the validation of that most used generic QoL instrument in Austria.

Text-Plan Schutzhaus - Umkleidung mit Eisenbildern und Blitz-Text von Bodo Hell


Additionally Dr. Piribauer has delivered in person health reports for the state goverments of Vienna (1995) and Styria (1997 - 2000) [see also publications]




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