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Search for latest listing of Dr. Piribauer's top (MEDLINE) - publications in Public Health -- abstracts are available through the National Library of Science's PubMed service (USA)


To see/download a complete reference list, please link to -> References    


Weitere NICHT in MEDLINE verzeichnete Publikationen (Berichte/ Präsentationen/ Fachzeitschriften):


November 2007

The new Austrian arrangements for the population based Periodic Health Examination (presentation) (Size: 201 kB; Count downloads: 9943; Last download at: 22.09.2020)    , Flinders University, Southern Australia



Dezember 2006

Evaluationsethik in der Psychotherapieausbildung (Size: 43 kB; Count downloads: 7352; Last download at: 22.09.2020) mit Renate Hutterer Krisch im Psychotherapie-Forum  


Oktober 2006

BMJ-EMJ: Antiemtics in emergency situations - Is a two fold reduction of vomitting not significant? (Size: 17 kB; Count downloads: 8677; Last download at: 22.09.2020)

Juli 2006

Österr. Krankenhauszeitung 2006/06, JG. 47:

Österreich verliert den 9. Platz im WHO Ranking: Berechnungsgrundlage für den Leserbrief , Editorial und Seiten 13.


Februar 2006

BMJ: Rapid Response kardiovaskuläre Leitlinien für Europa (2005): Isn´t it screening?


Januaray 2006

Moran, N. E., Shickle, D., Munthe, C., Dierickx, K., Petrini, C., Piribauer, F., Czabanowska, K., Cowley, H., Blancafort, S., & Petsetakis, E. 2006, "Are compulsory immunisation an incentive to immunise in effective ways to achieve herd immunity in Europe?," in Ethics and Infectious Disease, 1 edn, J. J. Selgelid, Battin M.B., & Smith C.B., eds., Blackwell Publ., Oxford, UK, pp. 215-231 - see more:   EuroPHEN Project


November 2005

Public Health Ethic for Europe

New Periodic Health Examination (mass screening) in Austria (VU-Neu)

Posters/ Abstracts  at the European Public Health Conference 2005 in Graz


September 2004

To screen or not to screen, that is the question. Piribauer F, Gray JM, Mitteilungen der Österr. Sanitätsverwaltung


October 2001

Cluster of cases of meningococcal serogroup C disease in Austria – justification forno mass intervention, Eurosurveillance Weekly - Volume 5 - Issue 42 (17/10/2001


Dezember 2000

zum Weltgesundheitsbericht 2000: Unverstanden im Deutschen Ärzteblatt, meine dort publizierte Entgegnung im Volltext





Most of the publications section´s content is kept in its explaining texts in German only. More publications can be found if you use the German version (click "Deutsch" on the left menue bar). Don´t worry, many publication itself are in English!


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