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Soros, New Paradigm

No Surprise 2010: Disaster ahead, we need a new swift regulation - wise, experienced, and rich George Soros shows us a way to a sustainable financial world order not centered on the self-interest of the new rich.

Already in 2000 the Euro crisis of May 2010 and future state collaps threats were clearly visibly in a book, recommended by The Economist: "Global Finance at Risk: The Case for International Regulation" by John Eatwell and Lance Taylor, The New Press, NY 2000. I did read it then worried, and wondered how everybody else believed in the miracles of the "new economy". 


Please take note of this book´s  cover text written by J.K.Galbraith in the 1990s: 

"No economic development of our time is so threatening as to effect and so little understood as the great an unpredicted movements of financial capital between countries. Here two accomplished scholars of first rank deal with the problem so created .... I strongly recommend it." 



(FP, Vienna, May 2010) 


An excellent source of knowledge for the necessary Paradigm Shift in economics can be found at video lectures and books of contriubters like Tim Jackson ( Prosperity without Growth) and the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), initiated by G. Soros in 2009.

(added by FP 1.3.2013)


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