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Future - Sachs, The Prize of Civilization

Zukunft: Sachs, Price of CivilizationComprehensive, very knowledgable and experienced. Stemming the decline of the US encopasses change of morals, minds, political institutions and tax codes at the same time. A gargantuan task is conceptualized in this timely book.

Zukunft: Sachs, Price of Civilization     The Price of  Civilization: Economics and Ethics After the Fall [engl. Taschenbuch, 232 Seiten] Jeffrey Sachs (Autor)


The Problem with loss of morality of the new rich in the US see also speeches and the book (New Paradigm for Financial Markets) by George Soros. 


>> see Soros lectures in Budapest, publ. Nov. 2009

> Capitalimsm versus Open Society

> The way ahead  

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