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Future Economy: Prosperity without Growth

Future Trends: Prosperity without GrowthMore is necessary than a Green New Deal. New Economic incentives, structures and tax systems are proposed. Labour has to become more flexible, local and honored at the same time.

Future Trends: Prosperity without Growth     Prosperity Without Growth:

Economics for a Finite Planet, Tim Jackson (Autor) [engl. Taschenbuch]


In the advanced economies there is mounting evidence that ever-increasing consumption adds little to human happiness and may even impede it. 


More urgently, it is now clear that the ecosystems that sustain our economies are collapsing under the impacts of rising consumption. Unless we can radically lower the environmental impact of economic activity - and there is no evidence to suggest that we can - we will have to devise a path to prosperity that does not rely on continued growth. 


Tim Jackson contributes also at the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), which was founded to overcome the failure of orthodox - classical mechanical - economics, demonstrated by the world economic crises since 2007.


Further important input to INET, like Blogs, come from many other including Nobel Laureates and  Jeff Sachs, Author of the radical Price of Civilization.

The Instiute in New York was kick started by a 50 million USD donation by G.Soros in 2009.


Vom Buch existiert auch eine deutsche Übersetzung: Wohlstand ohne Wachstum, 2011 [ISBN: 386581414X] 


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