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Herausforderungen der Zukunft: Selling Sickness - Ray Moynihan, Alan Cassels

Herausforderungen der Zukunft - Selling Sickness - Ray Moynihan, Alan Cassels Selling Sickness. How the World´s Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies are turning us all into Patients; Ray Moynihan, Alan Cassels, 2005

Moynihan, a Harkness Fellow at Harvard, and Cassels, a pharmaceutical policy researcher from the University of Victoria, describe in great details the facts, how global strategic "medicalisation" dent´s down our quality of life.

By the introduction of new fears of death and disease via mass campaigning, poeple and governemnts in the English speaking world are induced to spend on drugs to their disadvantage physically and financially.

The book reports on the patient side of the outcomes of the marketing machinery, whereas Kassirer describes it for doctors in the book above (On The Take).

Both books are a must for all who are intersted to achieve lobby-free medicial advice in their own interest.

Nation Books, New Yorks 2005 (250 pages)

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