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The Business has closed as of 1st of June 2020

-> Harvard Public Health lectures literature, ordered in binders, get it for free 

July 2017 ICQ replaces Skype

Microsoft has reduced the functionality of Skype without proper replacement. 

Therefore I  switched to the safer, reliable, independent ICQ [www.pico.at/index.php?menuid=160&reporeid=161] .  Give it a try, give me a call, or send a text message, all for free.

March 2014 -  My Car - Mobility 100% electric 

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January 2014 -  Statistical Analysis of Primary Care GPs performance

The GPs were providing the official Periodic Health Examination (PHE) in Vienna, Austria. Data were collected by Mystery Patients (syn: Mystery Visitors, Incognito Standardized Patients, ISP).

For a team of 3 authors under my lead, I am testing the hypothesis of excellent performance of at least 70% of GPs in cardiovascular risk screening and management during the nationwide PHE ( 800.000 per year) 

>> more on methods, see our recent publication: BMJopen, Piribauer et al. 2012

EU-Policy and Fiancial (Banking) Crisis News plus my thougts:
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November 2013 - "Best-Health Guide" Doctor-Network will be pushed forward with new direction 

To promote our network, we want to train ourselfes and present the results. However in Nov. 2013 we were not accepted to speak about it, at the upcomming annual physician Austrian CME update in Grado, Italy, May 2014

>> see more: Best-Health.at  [5]

Dezember 2012, Europ√§ische Standards f√ľr Screening (Health Checks)

are in the public consultation phase. Please comment.

As member of the European working group on Quality Criteria for Health Checks I hope for your comments until 26. Dez. 2012. Just click on link to the European Commission on Norms (CEN)

>> find more at CEN [6]

August 2012, Publikation im BMJ(open)

Piribauer F., et. al,   Covert checks by standardised patients of general practitioners' delivery of new periodic health examinations: clustered cross-sectional study from a consumer organisation.

>> full text link via MEDLINE [www.pico.at/index.php?menuid=53&reporeid=102]

July 2012

On my own projects, and their progress on the Web you may

>> find here more [www.pico.at/index.php?menuid=169&reporeid=195]


November 2008

Reduce the harm, caused by unmanaged screening programmes. Read the book by Sir Muir Grays: Screening - Evidence & Pratice, Oxford Univ. Press, 2007

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February 2008

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