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2015: Neoliberal macroeconomic ignorance in Brussels, reigned in by first class Greek intellectuals like Varoufakis, Kotzias and Tsipras

2014: Milestones in Economics for shaping the 21st century - A must to read and discuss: Piketty and Zucmann

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April 23,  2017: Exceptional Blog Entry: Nerve Agent Attack in Syria on April 4, 2017

Evidence, and fight over Wikipedia Content. Anoymous editors without COI declarations censor my contributions..

My contributions regarded Prof. Postol¬īs findings, which should not be know to a wider public, it seems. See them below (just click the English links) ¬†


October 2014 - Effective competition worldwide, sustainable until 2200 (least the long run)

The future global transparency of tax and capital is a prerequestite for real competition to unleash the creative forces of billions of people in the further course of the 21st century.  Monopoly power should not corrupt governments and block an even level playing field for all actors in a real global capitalisms as ist does at the moment. Capitalisms should get sustainable and global governance should now start to curb coming terrible revolutions unthinkable until now, if the concentration of wealth would continue like 1980 - 2012 until 2100.

Thomas Piketty in combination with Gabriel Zucman [4] is a must to read for any reasonable person, concerned with the future of her/his children and the economically globalized world:  Capital in the 21st century (Piketty, 2014) [www.amazon.com/Capital-Twenty-First-Century-Thomas-Piketty-ebook/dp/B00I2WNYJW/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1414176162&sr=8-2&keywords=kindle+piketty] and Tax Havens (Zucmann, 2014 in French and German only until now). 

May 2014: Eelecting the EU-Parliament and Commissioner

(most viable candidates see below)

March 2014: Evidence: How Angela Merkel and her "4th Reich" plunders other EU states since 2008

as lobbyist for (German?) banks

Give us your taxes [www.pico.at/index.php?menuid=xxmenuidxx&downloadid=35&reporeid=xxreporeidxx]
Recent research on the EU crisis policy of recent years show in detail how fatal Angela Merkel has acted as a lobbyist for the banks

The then French president was downright flabbergasted. He had to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged to develop common European instruments to combat the banking crisis , but , as Nicolas Sarkozy, she had merely replied - in french -: "To each his shit . " Quite so coarse, was later heard from the German delegation the Chancellor did not formulated , but they have quoted Goethe : "Every traffic 'in front of his door , and pure is every urban neighborhood . "

Read Secret Protocols
The anecdote is from the year 2008, when the financial crisis began threatening to blaze , but she is a beautiful illustration for the past six years crisis policy of the European Union , you just may be characterized as follows: It has been over long distances the wrong thing, and if the thing was done, then much too half-hearted and much too late. And it was primarily the German head of government is responsible. How does that happened in detail , you can now read in a freshly printed book: "Europe's power brokers " they say, and it comes from Cerstin Gammelin and Raimund L√∂w . She is Brussels correspondent for the S√ľddeutsche Zeitung , he . Correspondent of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF

The book is a little sensation , and for a simple reason : The authors have gained access to the top secret protocols of the Summit of EU Heads of State and Government. God knows how they succeeded in doing . But what you read here , gives a rather hair-raising picture.

The result of Merkel's blockade is known: Each EU country had to save his tottering mega banks alone . And to avoid mutual contagion , the guideline has been issued , that the creditors of these banks - for the most part even financial institutions , ie banks, funds , insurance companies - each euro cents and get back their investment. Countries such as Ireland , the small with just 4.5 million inhabitants gave the almost overnight a debt increase of 100 billion euros . Among the main beneficiaries are German banks and funds that now the Irish taxpayers get their money.

As the euro -zone member states then were to go bankrupt , the same game started all over again. So the neubestellte Council President Herman Van Rompuy in 2010 wants to raise the security umbrella for Greece, Spain or Italy. But again blocked Merkel. The failed rescue operation " would have stopped the crisis ," says later, one of the organizers of the summit in the vicinity of Van Rompuy . Much time elapses , the interest on the bonds of troubled countries shoot through the roof .

A particularly bizarre example German blockade presents itself, when the then ECB President Jean -Claude Trichet was hitherto unthinkable intends to do and the backing of Axel Weber , the German representative in the Governing Council obsolete . He says : " The ECB must buy government bonds . " This sentence opens the way for the defense of the ailing member states. But the next day draws Weber its approval by e -mail back. A few months later he took his own chair.

Again and again, Merkel has the power of facts and necessities bow , but until it does, passes valuable time and much money has gone . At the end of a euro rescue package is spanned , later institutionalized as ESM as a quasi bank. Many specialists require that the ESM should directly recapitalize banks, so that the cycle of bank debt and sovereign debt is finally broken. But Merkel wants it to continue to run as usual : States save the banks and the ESM then saves the States. Again, time is lost , until the German side completely of reason can no longer resist . Eventually, if there is a banking union , this aspect of a common European policy must then be implemented over the financial sector. So far, the scheme is not yet in force.

Whether for financial transaction tax , common European poverty reduction , steps for common European social standards : It is always the Merkel government either blocked until today or long blocked and then pivoted around half-heartedly and diluted the .

Finally talk about Germany
At the same time acted as the rich save Germany the unsound Southerners - although the German financial institutions is one of the main beneficiaries of the design of the anti- crisis policy , namely rauszupauken creditors one hundred percent with tax money. Of taxpayer money arrives in Greece , Ireland or Spain, and was referred back before close of business on German, French and other banks. And then, once the German banks would not rank among the profiteers , namely in the case of the Cyprus crisis, a different approach is hastily chosen . In the event there are indeed Russians at stake , and no German investors and banks. Since then prevail equal to other laws.

The Merkel government You do not even lower motives insinuate as the other EU governments , there are in fact almost like systemic reasons for this behavior: Because in Europe huge mega banks have developed , the political power but still in effect in the nation states is , there is an unhealthy mesalliance between banks and governments. Every prince wants the biggest (s ) Bank ( s) and then acts as a lobbyist the same . Only Germany is most powerful and therefore the most powerful lobbyist . It is precisely this problem to be mitigated with the Bank Union - the close interlinking of interests of nations with the interests of "their banks " should be blown up.

All this demonstrates that when we talk about the European Union, the anti-crisis policy of recent years, about what went wrong , then you have to start again plain talking. We need to talk about Germany . And on the fatal role of Angela Merkel.

taz No. 10348 comment 28.02.2014 p.12 , Z. 181 by ROBERT Misík [www.pico.at/index.php?menuid=xxmenuidxx&downloadid=35&reporeid=xxreporeidxx]
Taz debate
www.taz.de [10]

(automatic translation German - English via google translate, remarks by FP, version 01, 28.2.14)


April 2013, Germany plunders the EU - not only Cyprus -

How long will the loosers - debtor countries- stand still and not fight back to their ever and ever more aggessive creditor, represented by Mr. Schäuble, Deutsche Bank and German hedge fonds managers/industrialists in a new form of malevelont hegemony, a kind of monetary "4. Reich" ?

>> see more in English by G. Soros in Nov. 2012 in Vienna [11]

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March 2013, Understand the necessary Paradigm Shift in Economic Thinking 

Please look into the new media presentations and lectures at the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) and read two books highly recommended at my site: Prosperity without Growth [www.pico.at/site/index.php?menuid=81&reporeid=198&getlang=de] , and the Price of Civilzation [www.pico.at/site/index.php?menuid=81&reporeid=192]

>> see more on Paradigm Shift and New Economic Thinking (INET) [www.pico.at/site/index.php?menuid=81&reporeid=179]


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