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Karl Ausch, 1968, When the Banks died

Austria 1924 under dictate of the "Troika" of the times, the Leage of Nations high commissioner: Speculation, nouveau-riches, poverty, serial bank collapses, shadow banking, alchimistic financial vehicles prepared the way for the 3rd Reich.

Karl Ausch - 1968 geschrieben, nun ungeahnt aktuell nach 90 Jahren Als die Banken fielen. Zur Soziologie der politischen Korruption  
 von  Karl Ausch. Published 1968, Vienna Austria. Scanned and reedited 2013.  ISBN 978 390 160 2511.

How the collapse of the Creditanstalt (11. May 1931) was triggered. It kicked off the great depression in Europe. Hitler did raise to power in Germany soon. The ensuing war (WW II) erased the debts the poor rump state of Austria had accrued, taking over the Creditanstalt (around 10% of GNP).

The "Troika" of those days was provided by one commissioner of the Leage of Nations, residing in Vienna, collecting the nations income in his bank account. 

Greece 2014 ~ Austria 1924

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